A stroll
through Akureyri,

part 2

Sue and I were warned there wasn't too much to do in Akureyri in November; they were right too. So it was a day of strolling. First walking in one direction and then walking in another. On the average of an hour or so, we'd return to the university cafeteria for coffee, as it was rather colder than expected.
a house

Many pretty houses dotted the outskirts.

By the early afternoon the cold, cold outdoor air got to us, and we went to the Icelandair offices to see about an earlier return, but, no, there was no leaving Akureyri ahead of time. So our strolls went further, and along the way we visited a nature park.
A park

So who says that
Iceland has no trees?


Well-labed garden

The park had quite a collection of different plants, but visiting at certain times of year does have disadvantages; nevertheless, we did appreciate all the labels.

Sue and I also saw many impressive ice sculptures, ice trolls being one of the more popular subjects. The only incongruity that day occurred at dusk when a young child tried selling us a newspaper.

It would have helped to speak Icelandic, but in a restaurant dinner was easy to choose, and being offered a second cup of coffee transcends all languages.

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